25 Jan 2016

Day walk in Uutela

23/1/2016, Uutela (Helsinki)

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Luontopolku = Nature Trail. Naturstig in Swedish.
The temperature took a sudden upward turn from -24 C Friday morning to -3 C Saturday morning. So Saturday was a perfect day to be spent in Uutela recreational area in Eastern Helsinki. We visit it every now and then as it is easy to reach even by public transport.

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It was snow, snow everywhere so most of the pictures are more or less black and white. A bit dull - on the other hand it feels quite comforting when walking in the snowy forest.

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As the sun started to set beautiful shades of blue and orange appeared from nowhere. The sea was covered by ice and snow so many brave souls were walking / skiing / ice-fishing / doing other winter activities on the ice. I don't belong to those brave ones, especially not now as I did not have any safety equipment with me and I did have the kids with me. So we stayed firmly on ground.

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One must not forget to bring something to be grilled over open fire as there are two fireplaces in Uutela (bring your own wood/charcoal as well!). They were rather busy with people but we got our hot dogs hot. All in all it was a good day out with the family.

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According to the weather forecast this "heat wave" will continue and it's going to rain tomorrow. So it's goodbye snow, welcome sleet and slush. "Oh, nice."

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