17 Jan 2016

First of the year

15/1/2016 - 16/1/2016, Nuuksio national park

Guess who's back blogging! 18 months just flew by - it all started with a missing camera cable, and blogging is just no fun without any pics. By the time I found the cable I had created a lot of backlog. Not blogging - and creating even more backlog - was not the ultimate solution... But who cares, it's a new year now, so I make a fresh start.

 photo Kuusi_zpsu1qniqi7.jpg

For the past couple of years I've tried to take up winter backpacking. And yes, I've been backpacking during the winter months, it's just that we've had two very mild winters here. This winter started warm but after Christmas the temperatures plummeted and soon after that we also got some snow. Now it really looks and feels like winter.

 photo Maisema2_zpsxjqjptz4.jpg

So I packed my backpack on Thursday evening, and on Friday afternoon - after my duties at work - I was ready to head to Nuuksio national park. It was already getting dark when I reached Nuuksio so I chose the nearest campsite. Another reason for this decision was that this was the first time I was testing my winter sleeping bag in earnest; if I had to, I could call a taxi to pick me up...

 photo Teltta_zpsrlqehku9.jpg

The evening was very quiet. I saw no-one so I could enjoy the solitude. The planes to/from Helsinki-Vantaa airport had chosen a route over the national park, and some birds were making noise. Other than that it was just me and my travel radio in the warm sleeping bag.

 photo Maisema1_zps3tykbi42.jpg

As I woke up Saturday morning (well after 10 am...) the temperature was -15 C. I had been warm and toasty in my sleeping bag all night. Sure I also had several layers of insulation under me. But now I know a little bit better how my winter sleeping bag copes.

Saturday was a beautiful, sunny day, and a lot of day trippers started coming to Nuuksio. For me it was time to pack my backpack and start walking to the bus stop. That was the first overnighter of 2016. And it was a good one.


  1. Great i am back on!!!! Well done for getting out.

    1. Good, the problem solved itself! Anyone should be able to comment, but the "prove you are not a robot" thing is still on.

      I´m happy I got out. Although it certainly wasn't an arctic expedition, it was the coldest overnighter for me so far.