6 Jul 2014

Lemmenlaakso nature trail

Lemmenlaakso, Järvenpää 29/6/2014

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On a rainy Sunday we headed to Lemmenlaakso (Love valley) nature trail in Järvenpää. We hadn't been there before but a guide book I recently bought told the place was a good destination for a day walk.

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The first part of the trail was easy to walk but the nearer we came river Keravanjoki the clayier the soil got. The rain had turned the path into a slippery slide and we had hard time not slipping. Sorry - no pics of that part of the trail!

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The water in the river was clayey, too: we had tap water in our bottles but I guess it would have been quite troublesome to filter this water into drinking water.

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The banks of the river are subject to erosion and many trees had fallen into the water. It is easy to see on the map how the river meanders.

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We got a little muddy but had enjoyed the day out.


  1. I love the sound of the name Lemmenlaakso Maria (that's if it's pronounced the way I think it is). Those duckboards look decidedly slippery, had it been our group I think we'd have had the misfortune to have had at least one accident.
    The fallen trees made me think of beavers and I know you have beavers in Finland, have you ever come across them at all ?
    A fine wet walk, I'm sure we in the Wigtownshire ramblers will soon be out in the rain again.
    Nice pictures

    1. Hi Jim, I haven't seen any beavers, but I've seen places where they live and dams they've built.
      Finnish has a very phonemic orthography so it is easy to guess how a Finnish word is pronounced!
      Oh, the duckboards were somewhat slippery, but not as slippery as in Karkali the following day...